Our advanced technologies have transformed the ways our customers operate, empowering improvements in efficiency, productivity, reliability and profitability. Emerson customers have a trusted partner to help navigate the digital transformation journey and implement solutions with a real ROI that drives their businesses forward.


Our software portfolio consists of $1.1 billion in stand-alone software and associated engineering services, and $1.3 billion in embedded control and software-enabled devices.

Empowering Bold & Disruptive Innovation

We’re strengthening our $2.4 billion software portfolio to drive new solutions for customers that help them generate value. Through organic development, partnerships and acquisitions, these software capabilities are helping customers digitally transform their operations and implement data management and control architectures that provide and implement insights based on data from devices, instruments and sensors.

At our Helix Innovation Center, a 40,000-square-foot facility in Dayton, Ohio, we provide a collaborative environment for researchers, academia and industry professionals to develop solutions to industry challenges. The Helix includes a fully functional smart home to test ambient temperature control and solar heating, a licensed high density commercial kitchen to test connected concepts and controls as well as Grind2Energy technology, and a retail center to test and optimize our food safety, lighting and HVAC solutions for supermarkets.

Safeguarding Data & Information

Cybersecurity is an integral part of any conversation about digital transformation, and more relevant now than ever with the increase of remote working. We’re helping customers leverage Industrial Internet of Things technologies that prevent exposure to cyber incidents and empower workers with the knowledge, behaviors and tools they need to reduce threats. With our expertise and technologies, customers are building and applying robust defensive strategies to ward off attackers and stay in control of their facilities.

Transforming Maintenance & Remote Monitoring

Our customers are relying on digital solutions and proactive strategies to reach increasing plant production goals and fill a growing shortage of skilled workers. Emerson’s portfolio of products, including valve condition monitoring and maintenance tools, provides actionable data and expertise that help customers reduce downtime and ensure valves and other equipment are operating as expected.

To help provide better tools for maintenance – especially challenging for facilities with thousands of devices – our secure, scalable MyEmerson ecosystem keeps a digital installed base record of devices at a plant and provides a single record of their location, specifications, product instructions, maintenance history and spare parts, allowing facility planners and technicians to make faster decisions and work more efficiently – whether onsite or remote