Our customers operate in the world’s most critical industries, where employee and customer safety are paramount. With deep experience and a broad portfolio of safety and security solutions, Emerson is helping customers reduce risk, protect employees and communities, and operate with increased reliability and certainty.


Location Awareness technology can help address more than 70% of common personnelrecordable incidents.

Protecting Industry Workers

Emerson’s location tracking solution helps our customers monitor worker safety in real time. Our Location Awareness technology uses WirelessHART® networks, a secure standard adopted in industrial plants worldwide, along with batterypowered anchors and rechargeable personnel location tags. This enables enhanced geofencing and monitoring, improved safety mustering and more effective safety alerts. And, this year, we enhanced this offering to include social density management and contact tracing to protect employee health and help essential industries safely continue operations while social distancing.

Enabling Remote Work

Our Plantweb™ Optics asset performance platform leverages artificial intelligence, machine learning analytics and data contextualization to provide visibility into plant reliability and operational performance from anywhere in the world. This year, we expanded the platform with augmented reality (AR) technology, enhancing access to real-time diagnostics, analytics and remote assistance for industrial plant workers responsible for maintaining and optimizing plant equipment. This enhancement is helping workers continue to monitor asset health and improve productivity, collaboration and operational performance from safer locations, instead of a potentially hazardous or remote plant environment.

Protecting the Safety of Medicine

Global demand for temperature-controlled pharmaceuticals is expected to rise 59% by 2023. Our monitoring technologies are helping the industry meet this unprecedented need. In fact, each year, more than 300,000 Emerson sensors help the global health care and pharmaceutical supply chain capture 8 billion data points to help maintain quality and safety. This data protects the delivery of medical goods and supplies for approximately 900 health care customers — including some of the largest hospitals in the world.