Empowering Essential Industries Amid the Pandemic

Emerson’s history is defined by proactive leadership and a drive to protect our employees, communities, customers and industries. We take seriously the key role we have in supporting essential workers in life sciences, food and beverage, chemical, power, energy and other industries critical to modern life.

As the COVID-19 pandemic devastated communities, challenged front-line workers and created uncertainty in our global economies, Emerson remained steadfast in our commitment to help the world through this difficult time. We immediately took steps to protect our 83,500 employees across the globe by following guidelines from global health experts. And we implemented stringent protocols to help ensure the health and safety of employees working in essential facilities.

Through collaboration, innovation and strength of resolve, we came together to ensure business continuity, combat the COVID-19 crisis and keep essential infrastructure operating – from power plants bringing electricity to hospitals and homes, to cold chain solutions safeguarding food for our families, to technology protecting the temperature-sensitive medications that keep us healthy.

Meeting Critical Needs for Patient Care

We prioritized production of valves, filters and regulator technologies to meet the growing need for medical devices in hospitals and health care facilities. Our valves, for example, powered sterilizers, oxygen therapy and supply devices, and hematology equipment in hospitals and triage centers.

Enabling Social Distancing

Our remote servicing and automation technologies helped companies keep facilities operational with employees working from a distance. This allowed essential industries, including water, power and energy, to preserve reliable electricity and safe water in homes, hospitals and businesses.

Supporting Medical Professionals

Emerson’s ultrasonic welding and 3D printing technologies helped customers ramp up production of critical personal protective equipment (PPE) for care providers, such as masks, face shield components, hygiene gowns and filter media.

Advancing the Race to a Vaccine

Our DeltaV distributed control system and technologies helped biotech and pharmaceutical manufacturers produce COVID-19 vaccine clinical trial materials and expand manufacturing to quickly and safely advance therapies through the trial process and prepare for large-scale production and distribution.

Developing Vital Resources

Our advanced compressors and control technologies helped “pop-up” emergency facilities and testing sites maintain temperature, humidity and filtration requirements for environmental control and medication storage. Our Copeland compressors and condensing units helped manufacturers quickly adapt production lines to develop critical supplies, including temperaturesensitive COVID-19 test kits. And we protected the integrity of such equipment through transport with Emerson’s temperature and location monitoring technologies.