We believe that health is vital to human advancement. Emerson’s expertise and technologies in life sciences, food and beverage, the cold chain and environmentally responsible home comfort are helping make it more possible than ever for people to live comfortable and health-conscious lives.


The number of Emerson project engineering and consulting employees dedicated to life sciences projects worldwide.

Advancing Critical Medicine

Our automation expertise and technology are helping life sciences and medical device manufacturers maintain safety and quality, get life-saving medications and equipment to market faster and increase production for the patients relying on their care. With 30 locations and nearly 1,000 project engineering and consulting employees dedicated to active life sciences projects around the world, Emerson has the automation industry’s largest dedicated life sciences engineering and consulting organization. We’re helping customers produce therapies for everything from diabetes and cancer to potential COVID-19 vaccines. We have more than 3,000 installed systems in life science sites globally, including at all the top 20 science and pharmaceutical manufacturing companies. A leading biologics manufacturer, for example, has been able to increase production, reduce downtime and save nearly $6 million per year using our integrated approach to automation and advanced software.

Reducing Food Waste

An estimated 30% of food is wasted along the supply chain, according to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization. Our cold chain technology helps customers keep perishable food at proper temperatures. Emerson’s end-to-end data, services and expertise are unlocking valuable insights and empowering visibility across the complete cold chain to ensure food quality, extend the life of perishable goods and reduce waste from farm to fork.

In addition, our Vilter carbon dioxide compressors, which use carbon dioxide as a refrigerant with low global warming potential (GWP), are helping customers control storage temperatures sustainably by meeting high-capacity needs with high performance, efficiency and lowered ammonia charge.

Ensuring Human Comfort

Around the world, our customers are turning toward Emerson’s heat pump solutions to heat and cool their homes more efficiently, helping them save on energy costs. In Europe, for example, heat pumps are contributing to the goals set out in the Europe 2020 plan, specifically the energy directive to reach a 20% renewables target. And in China, the energy-efficient technology is providing customers efficient heat in low ambient temperatures, reducing reliance on coal-fired heating plants and decreasing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. We’re also partnering with Hydro Quebec, an electric utility provider in Canada, to test an innovative heat pump solution with low GHG emissions.