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Helping ensure human comfort and health

Our Tools & Home Products business engages industries through customer-centric product innovations that support our best-in-class professional tools channel.

Emerson’s Tools & Home Products business engages industries through customer-centric product innovations
Emerson’s Sensi Multiple Thermostat Manager simplifies and centralizes comfort control across unlimited thermostats

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Emerson’s Commercial & Residential Solutions business is always focused on the next industry-leading innovation, from protecting human comfort and health to advancing energy efficiency and developing cutting-edge tools to support trade professionals.

Transforming Our Industries into the Future

Our customers operate in increasingly regulated industries, such as refrigeration and food service. We take our industry steward role seriously, helping customers address evolving needs and leverage the latest technologies to realize energy and cost efficiencies.

We continue to develop and acquire a spectrum of technologies to expand our relevance for end users across three key applications – residential home comfort, commercial building efficiency and cold chain.

Our integrated solutions help customers on their digital transformation journeys. Through connected technologies that provide real-time, actionable data on vital statistics like temperature and asset performance, Emerson gives customers constant access to the information they need to optimize their operations.

Serving Critical Markets Worldwide

We provide energy-efficient heating and cooling solutions and world-class compressor technologies that support environmentally responsible refrigerants.

We are an innovator in this space, investing $100 million in a leading-edge heating and cooling headquarters in Sidney, Ohio, and nearly $18 million in a research center in Suzhou that will develop technology and compressors to support the refrigerants of tomorrow.

Protecting food quality and sustainability

Emerson’s acquisition of Cooper-Atkins helps ensure food safety with the HACCP Manager Handheld
Emerson’s acquisition of Cooper-Atkins provides quality assurance and pharmaceutical peace of mind

The benefits of our cold chain business stretch beyond food. Through the recent acquisition of Cooper-Atkins, for example, we are helping keep sensitive medications at a precise temperature, providing quality assurance and pharmaceutical peace of mind.

Our advanced technology helps decrease energy consumption from HVAC systems in commercial buildings by 36 percent while maintaining consistent comfort through advanced modulating technology. We’re also building engagement across domains, working in partnership with original equipment manufacturers, channel teams, contractors and end users.

Our advances have a global reach. We recently introduced Sensi Hydro, a residential variable water volume heating and air conditioning system to address increasing demand for high-quality home comfort in China. The innovative solution will maintain year-round comfort with greater energy efficiency.

As we work with the commercial and residential markets, we’re also innovating for the people building these facilities. Our recent acquisitions of Textron’s Tools and Test business, combined with our legacy RIDGID® brand, create a world-class professional tools portfolio with advanced capabilities such as crimping and pressing technologies for joining applications.

Food Quality and Safety

Emerson is growing connected technology solutions and capabilities to help safeguard the world’s food supply. Our cold chain business, which we expect to grow to $1.6 billion by 2021, is making an impact on food safety across the globe. Food-borne illnesses, which impact 48 million people each year, are both a health and economic concern: A Johns Hopkins study found a restaurant can expect to spend $1.9 million for a single outbreak.

Consumers also want fresh food in more places than ever before. As demand grows, so does the globalization of the supply chain – and the need to protect food across greater distances. Our monitoring technologies help ensure correct temperature across the cold chain, lowering maintenance costs and empowering customers to comply with regulatory standards.

We are addressing “cold-as-a-service” food-delivery trends for leading online retailers, offering turnkey installations to protect their products while helping them deliver on their customer promises.


Tons of Food Waste

Through state-of-the-art laboratories and innovation space at our new $34 million InSinkErator® world headquarters, our researchers are developing the food waste solutions of tomorrow.

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